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The Starseed Oracle Cards and Guidebook Boxed Set 🔮

The Starseed Oracle Cards and Guidebook Boxed Set 🔮

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Boho ↡↟ Vibe Collection ↠ The Starseed Oracle Cards and Guidebook Boxed Set 

The Starseed Oracle is an awe-inspiring deck of 53 oracle cards, that serves as a powerful tool for anyone seeking to connect with their cosmic energy and unlock the whispers of their soul. These sacred cards take you on a journey through lost lands, energy portals, and ancient sites, offering a glimpse into the unknown and unseen realms of existence.

If you've ever felt a deep longing for home without knowing what that means, you may be a Starseed Soul one who has lived and incarnated elsewhere in the universe before arriving on Earth. This deck was created specifically to support Starseed Souls on their healing journey and soul's path, helping them to embody their true purpose and connect with their cosmic origins.

The accompanying oracle card guidebook provides detailed instructions for attuning to your Starseed Oracle cards, connecting with your inner guidance, and accessing the cosmic energy beyond. Each card interpretation includes a Starseed call to action, inspiring you to unlock your soul gifts and remember who you truly are.

The innovative triangle box design of the Starseed Oracle, not only provides a beautiful altar piece but also offers interactive card reading options, making it a truly unique and special tool for your spiritual practice. May these cards guide you on your soul's path and help you unlock the wisdom of the universe.

↠ Author: Rebecca Campbell
↠ Guidebook, Oracle Cards and Storage Box

↠ Language: English
↠ Publisher: Hay House (UK) 
↠ Also from this Author: Letters to a Starseed and Light Is the New Black

↠ 1 x Oracle Deck (53 Cards)
↠ 1 x Guidebook (138 Pages)
↠ 1 x Storage Box

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