↡↟ Our Story

Hello, lovely souls! I'm Christie, and I recently became an Advanced Practitioner of Holistic Counselling, purely for personal growth and enrichment. I have since created Boho ↡↟ Vibe Collection, to combine the wisdom of holistic living with the enchanting world of boho vibes. This path I've embarked on involves embracing the mind, body, and spirit connection, energy healing, living in harmony with nature, promoting well-being and practicing self-care 🌿 

Living holistically means creating clear, beautiful spaces that serve as sanctuaries and havens for your overall wellness. It also involves engaging in spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, or divination, such as tarot and oracle readings. Expanding your knowledge and exploring a world of wisdom and inspiration from books, blogs and podcasts, that champion a holistic approach to life 🧘 

My husband, fur babies and I, reside in the tropical paradise of Far North Queensland, Australia. Our home is nestled in the heart of nature, and adorned with the calming aura of crystals, and an abundance of lush green plants and flowers. It's not just a living space; it's a sanctuary where positive energy flows. For me, being surrounded by beauty is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also profoundly therapeutic 🌏 

At Boho ↡↟ Vibe Collection we take immense pride in our collaborations, with 100% of our stock sourced and shipped direct from Australian suppliers. In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, one of our cherished partners align with our core values. They specialise in products that are sustainably sourced, recycled, eco-friendly, and handcrafted by skilled artisans in small villages across the Philippines, Vietnam, China, and India. This partnership not only provides you with exquisite handmade and unique items, but also plays a pivotal role in retaining local traditions, and extends our impact from supporting a single family business to entire communities 🤝 

Join us on this journey of holistic beauty, where you can enrich your life with wisdom and ethereal energies, embrace your unique self, and adorn your surroundings with boho elegance. Let's thrive together in a world where beauty and serenity intertwine harmoniously ✨

Love and light 🤍🙏
Boho ↡↟ Vibe Collection