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Ethereral Bird of Paradise Leaves Wood Framed Canvas Wall Art ↡

Ethereral Bird of Paradise Leaves Wood Framed Canvas Wall Art ↡

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Boho ↡↟ Vibe Collection  Ethereral Bird of Paradise Leaves Wood Framed Canvas Wall Art 


Step into the enchanting world of ethereal paradise, an exquisite contemporary wall art that beautifully encapsulates the allure of tropical birds of paradise leaves. This magnificent 90 x 120cm wall decor is a labour of love, meticulously hand-painted onto a canvas, skilfully showcasing the iconic form of these remarkable leaves in a minimalist yet profoundly naturalistic style. Bathed in a soothing monochromatic white palette, the artwork emanates an otherworldly, ethereal ambiance, captivating all who gaze upon it. The artist's use of a thick texture painting technique adds remarkable depth and dimension to each individual leaf, creating a sense of lifelike realism.


Crafted with the utmost precision and care, this artwork is a testament to the seamless fusion of botanical wall art and abstract natural canvas designs. The elegant light wood frame gracefully complements the piece, enhancing its overall sophistication and allure. Whether you aspire to elevate the aesthetics of your living space or are seeking the perfect addition to your art collection, Ethereal Paradise promises an unparalleled combination of artistic leaf representation and nature-inspired decor. Immerse yourself in the splendour of nature's finest, reimagined through the lens of contemporary artistry, with this exceptional work of art.


 Genuine hand painted on premium canvas

 Stretched and gallery wrapped around a wooden stretcher

 Finished with a floating frame creating a stunning visual effect

 Each piece is unique and hand painted, therefore minor variations in detailing may be present

Hooks included and pre-installed

 Vendor: Australia


 Size: 90 x 120cm

 Depth: 3.7cm

 Frame Colour: Light Wood

 Materials: Acrylic, canvas, fur wood, polystyrene frame

 Finish: 100% hand painted with thick texture
 Product Weight: 3.6kg

 Package Dimensions: 123.5 x 5 x 94cm

 Package Weight: 4.5kg



Due to the made-to-order nature of our artworks, we can only accept returns for damaged or defective items. Thank you for your understanding.


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